Brian Fielding Highlights Top Environmental Charities

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Top Environmental Charities

Top Environmental Charities

Brian Fielding knows that many people in life need help in certain ways, and that’s why others who offer help and assistance can truly make a difference in another person’s life. By helping people find their next home, his dedication through expert real estate advice and services is a way of assisting those who need him. But truthfully, finding an environmental cause to support that can help others enjoy the world we live in even more is something everyone should do, and here are a few of Brian Fielding’s top environmental charity recommendations.

  • Alliance For The Great Lakes: Brian Fielding shares that this organization is focused on protecting a living resource that will benefit all generations. This foundation was formed in Chicago, but works all around. For more than 40 years, members of this group have worked tirelessly to conserve and restore freshwater surfaces by involving citizens about how to preserve this vital natural resource. Brian Fielding shares this cause is a great one to give to for those who want to help out the water supply cause.
  • Amazon Conservation Association: This group is geared towards protecting biodiversity in Peru and Bolivia, where the Andes Mountains cross paths with the Amazon rainforest. This group is employed with staff that are experienced ecologists and conservationists that hope to protect one of the Earth’s most diverse landscapes. There are a lot of unique animals and plants in the area that help sustain the livelihood of the local communities, so consider donating to support their mission.

Brian Fielding knows these charities are non-profit organizations that truly care about changing the world. Dollars and cents sent to these organizations are applied directly to programs, instead of paying off big-wig CEOs or higher-ups. Donate today to help their causes make all the difference.

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