Brian Fielding Sheds Light on Misconceptions about Contaminated Properties

Posted by on July 29, 2014 in Brian Fielding, Truth About Contaminated Property | Comments Off on Brian Fielding Sheds Light on Misconceptions about Contaminated Properties

Brian Fielding knows that many investors will balk at the word “contaminated,” oftentimes thinking that the property has been exposed to radiation, chemical issues or worse. While there are some of these properties on the market, the majority of “contaminated” properties pose no danger and can be remediated with a variety of new technologies over an extended period of time.


“The shrewd investor understands the legislation and limits of liability when investing in a contaminated property,” said property investment guru Brian Fielding. “There are real opportunities out there to make some huge gains with minimal exposure.”


Educated investors are rarely intimidated solely by the term “contamination” and often are able to purchase a property at a huge discount to the underlying value.  Mr. Fielding recommends that persons thinking of investing in “environmentally challenged” assets retain an environmental professional and an attorney familiar with that state’s regulatory authority if they are considering purchasing properties with that designation.

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