Brian Fielding Reveals Trends in Commercial Real Estate for 2015

Contemporary Architecture Office Building Cityscape Personal Perspective Concept

Contemporary Architecture Office Building Cityscape Personal Perspective Concept

Brian Fielding knows that investors this year are already looking for prime pieces of property to invest in. Commercial real estate is always a smart investment for individuals that want to make smart choices about how they invest their money. However, when individuals are looking at commercial real estate properties and want to make sure that they are picking the right one, they must consider a number of different factors. This includes developing factors in the industry and new trends that will make a difference for certain property types. Below, Mr. Fielding shares some developing trends in the rest of 2015 that may impact which properties are being sought and bought.

  1. Retail needs are changing: When investors are thinking about investing in a retail space, they must keep in mind that the needs of retailers are changing says Brian Fielding. Because many companies are conducting more of their business online, they do not need the same retail spaces, and typical malls are not fulfilling the needs of retailers who are not finding their way into the same types of retail spaces. High-end retailers and boutiques, however, do still need brick and mortar spaces, though they must be in desirable areas for these types of establishments. These are all factors that those looking to buy retail spaces must keep in mind.
  2. New areas are seeing activity: Many investors are starting to take risks that they did not previously consider. Many of them are starting to look at properties that are in areas that have not been as popular in recent years. Their willingness to try these new areas is bringing attention to areas that have been previously neglected such as cities like Philadelphia and Denver. With the extra attention, these areas have become more promising to investors, and many quality properties are still widely available at affordable purchase prices so that investors can make advantageous purchases while these markets are still in their infancy.
  3. Demand for industrial space is on the rise: Typical warehouse spaces have been decreasing in demand over the past few years shares Mr. Fielding, but they are starting to see a rise again. The main factor for prosperous industrial properties is the location. When a company needs a warehouse, for example, they are looking for one that is close top their retail space, where they can easily access their product. These are the properties that will still have plenty of uses and be desired in the coming years.

To facilitate a profitable purchase of a piece of commercial real estate, whether it be a retail space or a warehouse, these factors must be considered by investors. To learn more about new changes in the commercial real estate industry visit

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Brian Fielding Discusses Important New Trends Concerning Banks and Commercial Real Estate

Brian Fielding reveals that there have already been some very positive predictions about how the commercial real estate market will perform in the rest of the Year. There are currently a number of businesses that are getting back on their feet after economic hardships in recent years. As these companies are recovering, the job market is improving, and many of these companies require new spaces for growth and expansion. This trend, which is no doubt exciting investors with its prospects for higher profit margins in the second part of this 2015, is also inspiring an astounding new trend from banks.

Investment expert Brian Fielding points out that while commercial real estate is certainly a worthwhile investment, it does require a large amount of upfront capital. Fortunately for those who want to invest, obtaining a loan from a bank to facilitate their purchase is becoming a more simplified process as banks start to realize the increasing success of the market.

Lenders are seeing more and more of their loans utilized on commercial real estate properties, and construction property loans are being retired. Loss rates are also decreasing on loans created for these purposes. Commercial real estate is seeing higher demand, and coupled with these improved factors for banks, it is proving itself to be a much more favorable market for lenders, and is offering improved terms for the investors.

Brian Fielding reminds investors that as the market continues to improve, banks will be casting a more favorable eye on real estate purchases. This opens the door for many persons and entities who may not have previously been able to raise the capital that they needed for their investment. The change also results in more favorable options as the lenders are facing more competition to offer commercial real estate loans.

The commercial real estate market is seeing a lot of favorable developments. Brian Fielding stresses that now is the time for those who want to secure their future with a promising investment to utilize these developments and take advantage of all the benefits that commercial real estate investment has to offer.

For more information on the commercial real estate market and the best advice for investing, visit

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Brian Fielding Offers Property Management Tips for Commercial Real Estate Investors

Commercial Real Estate Investors

Brian Fielding, an expert mind in the world of commercial real estate, has long supported investors in their considerations of commercial real estate purchases. Whether an individual is investing in a commercial space for their own company, to rent out to tenants, or to fit both purposes, there are a number of advantages to owning such a property. However, there are also many responsibilities, especially in situations where there are tenants involved. For those who have made a real estate purchase, or who are looking at a possible property to invest in, Mr. Fielding would like to offer some advice on steps that every real estate investor must consider after making a purchase.

  1. Make time to meet with tenants: Brian Fielding knows that when an owner takes the time to visit with his or her tenants, he or she will experience a number of advantages. Staying in contact with these clients will allow the owner to stay up to date on what kinds of changes the company plans to make.  A company’s business plans may very well change what they need in their space. An owner should speak with these tenants on a regular basis to be certain they can find ways to meet new needs such as a smaller or larger space for a tenant’s operations.
  2. Look for zoning changes: In some cases, a zoning change will extend the allowable uses for a piece of commercial property, but in other cases, it will limit it. These zoning laws may become a problem for those who are trying to fill a vacant space, as a zoning law chance may change the pool possible clients. Whenever a property owner is trying to lease a space, they must make sure there have been no changes to the zoning laws of their property.
  3. Conduct annual repairs and maintenance: Each and every building will need regular repairs, and systems such as the sprinklers and air conditioning units need to be regularly managed. Brian Fielding reminds investors that when they are making commercial real estate purchases, they must keep the cost of these in mind. As owners, they must additionally take the time to make sure that these repairs and updates are done. While it is still early in the year, owners should make their plans and consider when annual fixes will be performed.

Brian Fielding believes that those who make commercial real estate purchases should also be sure that they are maintaining their properties correctly. This advice will help owners take the reins and manage their properties well this coming year to make sure that they can continue to see their investment be prosperous. For more information on commercial real estate investing visit

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Fielding Investments Reveals 3 Tips to Finding the Best Commercial Real Estate Investment

Young Lady Entrepreneur at her shop entrance

Fielding Investments, a leading commercial real estate investment firm, shares insider information as to what makes a great investment deal.

Property investment advisor Brian Fielding has over 40 years of experience in the field. With that experience, he understands what factors go into a great commercial real estate investment. Aware of the fact that others do not have the wealth of knowledge that he does, Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments is sharing three of the ways that people can get more informed and land a better deal on their next investment.

Be aware and have a way out.

The first thing that seasoned commercial real estate investors will look for is a way out of the deal – something that can give them the option to walk away if need be. In addition, when surveying any property that an individual is interested in investing it, it is prudent to pay attention to every detail.

“Make sure that you check for any existing damage to the property, note any repairs that will need to be made, and assess whether the property needs to undergo any renovations,” shares commercial real estate advisor Brian Fielding. “It is helpful to bring along a calculator in order to determine and ballpark the amount it will cost to get everything fixed. Only then can you determine whether the investment is smart taking your budget into consideration.”

Know the area.

Time and time again, commercial real estate advisor Brian Fielding has shared that those who invest in properties in their area of residence are often the most successful. The reason for this is simple: they have insider information.

“That street corner that dozens of businesses have opened and closed their doors on and that strip mall where so many people frequent every day – this is all information that algorithms and calculations cannot compute,” Fielding shares. “Information like that is something that you gain from living and being in the area. This is the information that will give you an advantage over someone who is investing in a piece of real estate out of the city, state or even country.”

Get some help.

For those looking to invest in commercial real estate for the first time, it is in their best interest to do their homework. Searching for properties online, in the classifieds, on the street and other methods can help inventors be more aware of what is available in their market. In addition, hiring an investment firm like that of Fielding Investments, can help first-time investors to stay on the right track.

For more information about commercial real estate investment and to see some questions that others have posed to Fielding Investments, visit

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Where to Buy Office Real Estate Shared By Brian Fielding

Real Estate Property concept that generates gold eggs

Brian Fielding shares some areas that in the coming year are ideal for office property investments.

Brian Fielding knows that many commercial real estate investors choose to invest in office properties for a number of reasons. These, like may other commercial real estate properties, are great investments. However, also like any other commercial real estate properties, the success of one of these properties depends on a variety of factors. One of the main factors is location. Some areas have a very small demand for office spaces, while others have a high demand but the properties are also expensive. Here, Mr. Fielding shares some areas that in the coming year are ideal for office property investments.

  • Pittsburg: There is a high demand for office spaces as white-collar jobs increase with the recovering economy and dropping unemployment rates in this city. In addition, those who want to purchase a great office property in this area will find that the demand is high and the availability of such quality spaces is low. Investors who secure a desirable property will face low vacancy rates in comparison to the vacancy rates in other areas.
  • Boston: Mr. Fielding shares that Boston is seeing a number of positive trends in 2015 that make it a desirable area to purchase an office space, especially if the owner is planning on renting the space. There is low competition on desirable properties so investors are able to snap up the properties that they want. Additionally, the prices on these properties are currently low, especially when compared to desirable cities such as Manhattan.
  • San Francisco: San Francisco is another city that is seeing a lot of job growth in industries that desire quality office spaces. There are many developments in the works in the city. In the meantime, because office spaces are in high demand, Brian Fielding shares that investors will be able to get top dollar rent for their spaces and they will see few vacancies.
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