Fielding Investments Reveals 3 Tips to Finding the Best Commercial Real Estate Investment

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Fielding Investments, a leading commercial real estate investment firm, shares insider information as to what makes a great investment deal.

Property investment advisor Brian Fielding has over 40 years of experience in the field. With that experience, he understands what factors go into a great commercial real estate investment. Aware of the fact that others do not have the wealth of knowledge that he does, Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments is sharing three of the ways that people can get more informed and land a better deal on their next investment.

Be aware and have a way out.

The first thing that seasoned commercial real estate investors will look for is a way out of the deal – something that can give them the option to walk away if need be. In addition, when surveying any property that an individual is interested in investing it, it is prudent to pay attention to every detail.

“Make sure that you check for any existing damage to the property, note any repairs that will need to be made, and assess whether the property needs to undergo any renovations,” shares commercial real estate advisor Brian Fielding. “It is helpful to bring along a calculator in order to determine and ballpark the amount it will cost to get everything fixed. Only then can you determine whether the investment is smart taking your budget into consideration.”

Know the area.

Time and time again, commercial real estate advisor Brian Fielding has shared that those who invest in properties in their area of residence are often the most successful. The reason for this is simple: they have insider information.

“That street corner that dozens of businesses have opened and closed their doors on and that strip mall where so many people frequent every day – this is all information that algorithms and calculations cannot compute,” Fielding shares. “Information like that is something that you gain from living and being in the area. This is the information that will give you an advantage over someone who is investing in a piece of real estate out of the city, state or even country.”

Get some help.

For those looking to invest in commercial real estate for the first time, it is in their best interest to do their homework. Searching for properties online, in the classifieds, on the street and other methods can help inventors be more aware of what is available in their market. In addition, hiring an investment firm like that of Fielding Investments, can help first-time investors to stay on the right track.

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