Fielding Investments Shares the Dangers of Not Knowing the Market

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Mind Mapping is effective for comparing site options for investing says Brian Fielding

Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments knows that one of the most powerful assets that a commercial real estate investor can have is insider knowledge about the area where their property is. Without doing one’s due diligence and research about an area, even the most beautiful and well-appointed asset can fail. Because of this common mistake that is made time and time again in the commercial real estate industry, Brian Fielding is sharing this information about why understanding the area in which your investment is situated in is so crucial to your success in the commercial real estate industry.

Not doing your homework.

Fielding Investments shares that overall, many commercial real estate investors will fail because they have not done their proper homework about the area in which they desire to invest in. As more and more investments are made from abroad, this fact is on that can actually help a local investor shares Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments. Foreign investors (whether they be outside of the city or outside of the country) are at a disadvantage, because they have not worked and lived in the area in which they desire to invest.

Fielding Investments knows that residents have seen businesses come and go, which areas of town are growing, which are dying, which locations seem to do well and which tend to fail no matter what type of tenant is there. This information is invaluable and cannot be gleaned through several visits to the area – it is information that can only be learned from living there. It is for this reason that Fielding Investments always encourages commercial real estate investors to consider purchasing property in their community, because they already have all of this crucial and excellent information that out-of-town investors covet so much.

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